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Putting a leash on bad dog owners

Central Western Daily; BY LUKE SCHUYLER; 16 Jun, 2012

STRICTER dog laws will come into force in NSW later this year, according to Companion Animals Taskforce chair Andrew Cornwell.He said 20 dog attacks in Orange last year was far too high and the taskforce would look at options to reduce the number.

“Any dog attack is one dog attack too many,” he said.

“We’re working on dangerous dog laws over the next few months. READ MORE HERE


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Abandoned pets days from death

Newcastle Herald; MATTHEW KELLY; 02 Jun, 2012

Kira the dog and a cat friend were abandoned in Shortland.

Kira the dog and a cat friend were abandoned in Shortland.

HUDDLED together without food or water, these abandoned pets had days to live when they were discovered at a vacant rental property last week.

Not so lucky are several dead birds nearby that died of apparent starvation after their former owners left them behind.

It is a sad circumstance that is becoming increasingly common across the Hunter. READ MORE HERE

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Why force best friends to part?

The Age, Di Johnstone; May 27, 2012; OPINION

It is one of the biggest social issues for older people: having to give up a beloved pet to move into aged accommodation. There is much anecdotal evidence of personal pain, but pain out of public view.

A recent forum in Canberra on pets and aged care found agreement among aged care professionals, animal welfare agencies and pet owners that we need to talk about older people and pets – and it is time for change.

I declare my interest. I am a senior pet owner. On ABS figures, in 2012, some 3 million0 Australians are over 65; by 2026 the number will be over 5 million; by 2056,  up to 10 million.  With an estimated 63% of Australian households owning some type of pet, potentially millions will be older pet owners.

Like me, many older pet owners want to continue to live alongside their pets and think being old shouldn’t require them to forgo pet ownership – whether ageing at home, in a retirement village or a care setting. READ MORE

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Bond could ensure more dogs get to live another day

SMH; Nicole Hasham; May 5, 2012

Unwanted dogs at the RSPCA in Yagoona, that are needing a home. DekotaBreed: Border Collie x Staffordshire Bull TerrierM/F: MaleAge: 11 monthsPhoto: Peter Rae Friday 4 May 2012.

Sad tail … one of the many dogs at the RSPCA’s Sydney shelter in Yagoona in need of a good home. A new policy could cut down on the number of dogs put down. Photo: Peter Rae

PET registration fees would rise and tenants could pay a “pet bond” to keep cats and dogs at rental properties under a policy shake-up to be considered by the state government.

The changes, designed to slash the number of dogs and cats destroyed at pounds each year, would also streamline pet registration and microchipping and crack down on “puppy farmers” who breed dogs in overcrowded conditions. READ MORE HERE

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Vet pleads for landlords to welcome pets

Brisbane Times; Dan Nancarrow; January 11, 2012

Brisbane vet Michael O’Donoghue has seen too many people have to give up, or put down, their pets because they could not find a rental property that welcomed animals.

“It’s very heart-breaking, people euthanising their beloved pet because they can’t find accommodation,” he said.

The People and Pets veterinarian is pushing for more pet-friendly rental properties to be made available to encourage more families to adopt animals and stop the displacement of loved family members.

According to the RSPCA, 30 per cent of pets surrendered to the organisation are from owners who cannot find adequate accommodation.

Mr O’Donoghue’s effort to publicise the need for more pet-friendly rentals, and his ideas for homes to be built to be more welcoming to cats and dogs, have been praised by the celebrity vet Katrina Warren as part of a competition calling for ways to create a pet-friendly world.  READ MORE HERE


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Margaret Michael claims harassment by body corporate chairman Steve Bredhauer, former transport minister, over pet toy poodle

Kay Dibben ; From:The Sunday Mail (Qld) ; October 16, 2011

The pooch and the pensioner

IT was a dog fight of monumental proportions. In one corner was the ex-politician living in his penthouse. In the other, the 83-year-old pensioner and her pet poodle.

Widow Margaret Michael claims she was harassed for months by the body corporate chairman of her South Bank unit complex after her daughter gave her the toy poodle late last year.

The body corporate boss is former transport minister Steve Bredhauer who, with wife Lynne Pask, lives several floors above Mrs Michael in the penthouse apartment at Arbour on Grey.

The stoush began when Mrs Michael, whose husband died two years ago, was given the female puppy, Gussy, by daughter Adrienne Ghanem. Mrs Ghanem worried about her mum being lonely. READ MORE HERE

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