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Illegal breeder crisis for pets

Geelong Advertiser Erin Pearson   |  July 9th, 2013

AN ILLEGAL backyard overbreeding crisis is driving the region’s soaring animal surrender numbers, leaving hundreds of dogs and cats without loving homes.

Geelong Animal Welfare Society’s Cass Langdon said its pens were constantly filled with staffordshire bull terriers and other bull breeds in particular, with dozens being surrendered each week – many with puppies as owners failed to sell them.

RSPCA inspectors said it was a worrying trend, with many welfare calls caused by overbreeding and lack of money.

Ms Langdon said the crisis was heartbreaking with so many sad faces left peering from behind metal fencing at the Moolap centre.

“We’ve got a litter of staffy-cross puppies that came in just the other day because the owner couldn’t sell them as there are too many out there already for sale,” she said. “People often get staffies because they look tough, but they’re not – they’re complete softies and need companionship or they can suffer severe anxiety.

“We have a staffy in our care at the moment that came in pregnant and ended up having two puppies but required a $1200 emergency caesarean. The costs plus potential risk of labour for the dogs are big and they can die. It’s definitely not a money-making venture in someone’s backyard.” READ MORE HERE



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Daily Liberal, LISA MINNER; 05 Jul, 2012

ABOUT 50,000 cats and dogs are euthanised in NSW annually so Dubbo-based lawyer for Companion Animals, Anne Greenaway, is demanding more pets to be desexed and is calling for backyard breeders to be licensed and regulated.She said the kill rate could be reduced by breeders and pet owners desexing their litters.

“People don’t appreciate the connection between backyard breeding and not desexing their animals and the high animal euthanasia rates,’’ she said.“Go check out some of the local noticeboards around town – there’s a never-ending supply of dogs and cats for sale – or free to good home.“Too many cats and dogs are seen as disposable commodities that can be thrown away when the puppy or kitten phase is over, rather than a commitment for the life of the animal.”

The Dubbo City Council’s 2011 figures (January to December) reveal 225 cats and 41 dogs were killed at the Dubbo City Animal Shelter.

The combined NSW RSPCAs saw 13,031 cats and 8209 dogs killed. The rest of the euthanised animals came from other (council) pounds and shelters within the state.

She said people mistakenly believed that if animals end up at the pound the RSPCA will find them a good home, which was not always the case.

Ms Greenaway said the RSPCA pounds and shelters are burdened with an unnecessary excess with the shame laying squarely at the feet of irresponsible owners and unethical breeders.

The lawyer said she believed breeders who do not desex their animals fall into three categories- ethical purebred breeders who are selective about who they supply to, puppy farmers who do not care what happens to the animals after they have made a quick buck and those “who probably do care” but are not seeing the long-term effects of the breeding cycle they perpetuate.

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Too many companion animals are put to sleep each year by overstretched rescue groups

Adelaide Now,Tory Shepherd; September 24 2012

English bulldog

It is not as easy as you’d think to work out why the RSPCA’s ‘kill rate’ for companion animals is so high with oversupply, negligent owners, mistakes, feral animals and stretched resources all being part of the equation. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

MY childhood dog, Neddy, had manky bald bits and he’d scoot across the lawn on his bum whenever we had company.

He was partial to trying to have sex with inappropriate things. But we could dress him up and he’d sigh with martyred forbearance and let us photograph him.

Our cats were called Soft and Stupid, and Hard and Hairy.

Now we have Sangio, and even thinking of him dying makes me ache (though after last week I hesitate to use the words “dog” and “love” in the same sentence).

He’s a little crazy, a little too clever. When I write at home he lies across my feet and when we go away without him he takes days to forgive us.

When he was younger he’d get so excited to see us, or visitors, that he’d lose control of his bladder.

 This unfortunately generally coincided with the moment at which he was jumping up on them, so several people have been victims of this firehose-like spraying. It’s a sign of affection, of course.

Most of us love our pets and treat them like part of the family. But animals are an industry, so selfishness and profit creep in. READ MORE HERE


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Cat laws to target dumping

The Mercury; ANNE MATHER   |   June 30,

New laws will now allow farmers to kill feral cats.

TOUGH new cat management laws come into effect tomorrow, aimed at reducing the number of unwanted moggies in Tasmania.

Under the laws only registered cat owners will be allowed to breed the animals to reduce the number of dumped kittens turning feral.

Owners who allow their unregistered cats to breed could face fines or have their pets confiscated.

Cat owners in rural areas will be forced to ensure their cats do not wander from home. READ MORE HERE


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Pet death row shame

Blacktown Sun ; CALLAN LAWRENCE; 23 Jan, 2012

Death row? Pound Rounds volunteer Mel Norman with an American bull terrier cross at Blacktown Animal Holding Facility.Picture: Carlos Furtado

Death row? Pound Rounds volunteer Mel Norman with an American bull terrier cross at Blacktown Animal Holding Facility.Picture: Carlos Furtado

ALREADY this year about 400 animals have had to be impounded at the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility, at a rate of about 200 a week.

Cats and dogs that are not microchipped are destroyed at the pound after seven days if they are not claimed and those that are microchipped are kept for 14 days before they are killed.

One volunteer who battles the odds to re-home and save some of these animals is Mel Norman, who travels an hour and a half from her home in Curl Curl each week to help at the pound. She believes unregulated “backyard breeders” contribute to the high number of animals that are being killed in Blacktown. READ MORE HERE


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Legal safeguards hit backyard dog breeder Fay Armstrong

Perth Now; July 7, 2011

A BACKYARD dog breeder in Spearwood has signed an undertaking not to sell diseased animals or any animal which has not been vet-checked after landmark legal action was taken out against her.

The legal action against Fay Marie Armstrong, 57, by WA’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection, was the first of its kind under new Australian Consumer Laws which came into effect at the start of this year. READ MORE


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Landmark action against backyard dog breeder – Fay Armstrong

Media Statement; Gov of WA; 7 Jul 2011

Consumer Protection 219 St Georges Terrace Perth Western Australia 6000 Tel: (08) 9282 0961  Fax: (08) 9282 085

Email: cpmedia@commerce.wa.gov.au      www.commerce.wa.gov.au www.wa.gov.au

A backyard dog breeder has settled action in the Supreme Court by undertaking not to sell diseased animals, or any animal which has not been vet-checked and vaccinated, in the first injunction action of its kind in Australia.

The legal action against Fay Marie Armstrong, by WA’s Commissioner for Consumer Protection, was the first to be brought under the new Australian Consumer Law (WA), which became fully active on 1 January 2011. READ MORE HERE


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