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Australian puppy farmers making thousands selling puppies to squalid pet shops in Singapore

news.com.au September 16th 2013

IT IS being called “Australia’s new live export scandal”.

Australian puppy farmers are making thousands of dollars selling dogs to pet shops in Singapore, where they are forced to live in squalor and confinement, a CLEO Magazine investigation has found.

Animal welfare group Oscar’s Law recently travelled to Singapore to witness the shocking treatment of Australian puppies, some of which are just eight weeks old.

Debra Tranter, the group’s founder, explained how the lucrative puppy trade works. READ MORE



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RSPCA slams puppy code

The Age August 1, 2013 Thomas O’Byrne

The RSPCA has slammed the State Government’s proposed amendments to animal welfare requirements at legitimate breeding business, accusing the government of “effectively legalising” abhorrent conditions for animals.

The State Government is currently undertaking a review of its code of practice regarding minimum standards of care for domestic animal breeding businesses, following a pre-election promise to crackdown on illegal puppy farms and animal abuse.

But a proposed revision of the code, which has been released for public consultation, has been strongly condemned by the RSPCA. READ MORE HERE

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Poll: law changes will not stop puppy farms: Breeders

Maitland Mercury  EMMA SWAIN; May 23, 2013

Changes to animal welfare laws across NSW may sound the death knell for registered dog breeders across the Hunter Valley and do little to stop the practice of puppy farms, breeders have warned.

Brandy Hill dog breeder Debbie O’Donnell has joined a groundswell of Dogs NSW members calling for the NSW government to reconsider its newly released Companion Animal Taskforce and to exempt purebred breeders from the recommendations.
The breeders believe the recommendations – which include the separation of male and female dogs – will eventually force dog breeders out of existence. READ MORE HERE

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The proper value of a pet’s life

Rita Panahi ; Sunday Herald Sun; Dec 30 2012

Geelong Animal Welfare Society


MAHATMA Gandhi said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Leaving aside the more complex issue of how we treat our livestock, it’s still difficult to determine if Australia is a progressive, humane society or one with a moral compass in urgent need of repair.

We have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and spend billions caring for our furry friends – but we also put down thousands of healthy cats and dogs every week.

This disturbing paradox is particularly conspicuous this time of year, when animal lovers happily pay more than $1000 for a designer puppy while unwanted cats and dogs sit on death row in shelters awaiting their cruel fate. READ MORE HERE

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Puppy farms off leash as government dismisses legislation

Sunshine Coast Daily; Kate Clifford; 8th Nov 2012

THE State Government has thrown out legislation that would have stopped unlawful puppy farms and cruel backyard breeding programs.

The proposed new law, which received bipartisan support in 2011, was tabled with the previous government six weeks before this year’s election.

Mandatory registration of animal breeders and criminalising those who did not comply with the law were keys to the legislation.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said illegal breeding programs and cruelty against animals would have been slashed if the legislation was approved. Read More Here


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SBS INSIGHT program, Tuesday 25th September 8.30 am

Australians love pet dogs and cats. But each year tens of thousands of them are killed. Often, they’re perfectly healthy.

The RSPCA alone enthanased more than 56,000 cats and dogs last financial year. And that figure doesn’t include all the animals put down at council pounds around Australia every day.

(One advocacy group, Deathrowpets.net, estimates that a quarter of a million unwanted cats and dogs are killed in Australian pounds every year).

In this episode, pet owners, breeders, pet shop owners, animal shelter workers and pets themselves join Jenny Brockie to look at why Australia is euthanasing so many dogs and cats.

Insight will also ask whether pet owners are at fault for treating animals as a commodity, or whether there are just too many animals being bred in the first place.

Producer: Fanou Filali
Associate Producer: Mawunyo Gbogbo and Sarah Allely

Website: click here…

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Bans on Breeding

The Sunday Tasmanian; Anne Boxall, Sun 8 July 2012

Sunday Tasmanian – Pet Column

In last week’s Sunday Tasmanian Letters, several readers identified the costly contradiction between dog breeding operations and the existing surplus of companion animals. It’s costly for animals who pay the ultimate price and costly for us too. The interim care and end-of-life costs for dogs and cats in shelters are paid for by us, the community of rate-payers.

Meanwhile some breeders are proudly announcing the large profits they make for themselves while washing their hands of the over-supply problem. It just doesn’t make any sense that thousands of animals in need of homes are euthanased while profit-driven breeders continue to churn out puppies. Visit an animal shelter and you will find pure-bred dogs there. They are awaiting new homes along with many other appealing mixed breeds, including the ‘oodle’ varieties. READ MORE HERE

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