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Tragic cost of unwanted cats

The Mercury Feb 2, 2013

Ingrid Tebb is devoted to helping her feline friends.

THE stories are all too familiar the young girl, pregnant, alone and homeless, trying to find her way in a world that has abandoned her and turned its back, deliberately blind to her plight.

Then there’s the old fella living on the streets. His eyes light up each time someone approaches as he remembers a warm bed, a fire maybe this is the one.

But now there’s nothing but hard ground and harder faces. He was loved, once, but something went wrong and he lost his way. Then there are the youngsters left alone by their mum. She’s not coming back, and no one else is prepared to take on the responsibility, so they huddle together in terror of what is to come a life in a frightening wilderness where they will exist hand to mouth, dying most likely of an illness or injury so much before their time.

These are just some of the stories that drew me to the Hobart Cat Centre and the stories that keep me coming back, because sadly, they never change.

It has been more than 13 years since I first began my commitment to the felines of this state and in that time there have been some big steps made the advent of microchipping, new legislation, education and increased awareness but there is still so much more to do.

We face an ongoing battle, for although there is so much information out there, we are constantly confronted with deliberate and brazen ignorance that’s enough to make you weep. READ MORE HERE



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Abandoned pets look for homes as shelters overflow

ABC North Coast; 3 Jan 2013

As with every year during the holiday season, animal shelters around the state are overflowing with dogs and cats that have fled their homes or been abandoned. We visited a north coast animal rescue centre and met some of the pets looking for a loving home.

Animals occupy every room of the Lismore Animal Rights and Rescue Centre.

Even the bathroom is inhabited by a fox terrier and her five pups, who were abandoned on a hot day in a Lismore caravan park. READ MORE HERE

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The Canberra Times; Jan 2 2013

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke.

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke

Canberrans adopted more than 2000 companion animals – including 73 rodents, six ferrets, 18 lizards, 11 fish and a goat – from the RSPCA last year.

Cats (436) and kittens (789) accounted for more than half of the 2073 of the adoptees, statistics for the local branch of the animal welfare body released this week show.

Adoptions for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies all increased, while the popularity of rabbits declined. READ MORE HERE

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Dog euthanasia rates down

Canberra Times, Megan Doherty, Oct 11 2012

The ACT branch of the RSPCA has sought to distance itself from its NSW counterpart by showing it is euthanasing a far smaller percentage of dogs. The latest figures show that the RSPCA in the ACT had to put down 6.5 per cent of all dogs received by it last financial year.

That compares to a euthanasia rate within the NSW branch of the RSPCA of about 40 per cent.

The figures also show a dramatic fall in the percentage of domestic kittens euthanised in the ACT – from 29 per cent to 8.4 per cent – thanks to a significantly expanded foster carers program.

RSPCA ACT spokeswoman Maarit Maher said: ”The re-homing rate of almost 91 per cent for domestic kittens is phenomenal, considering in some areas it is the standard euthanasia rate.” READ MORE HERE

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Things are grim on pets’ death row

Adam Hegarty; From:The Advertiser; November 25, 2011

MORE than 13,000 dogs and cats were destroyed in South Australian shelters last year, as their owners abandoned, neglected or failed to microchip their pets.

Dog and Cat Management Board euthanasia figures, released for the first time to The Advertiser, show about 3800 dogs of the 10,315 admitted to RSPCA and Animal Welfare League shelters were destroyed in 2009-10.

Of the 13,300 cats admitted to shelters, 9310 were destroyed, mainly as a result of many more feral cats being caught. The figures equate to an average of 10 dogs and 25 cats being destroyed each day.

Cats and dogs are primarily destroyed when they are considered “unsuitable” to re-home because of behavioural or health problems.

RSPCA SA chief executive Neale Sutton said every animal admitted to shelters underwent testing before its future was decided, in a concerted effort to prevent healthy animals without major behavioural issues being killed.

 “The hardest part of our work is having to euthanase animals. It is absolutely heartbreaking for our staff and is never a decision that is taken lightly,” he said. READ MORE HERE

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Daily Liberal, LISA MINNER; 05 Jul, 2012

ABOUT 50,000 cats and dogs are euthanised in NSW annually so Dubbo-based lawyer for Companion Animals, Anne Greenaway, is demanding more pets to be desexed and is calling for backyard breeders to be licensed and regulated.She said the kill rate could be reduced by breeders and pet owners desexing their litters.

“People don’t appreciate the connection between backyard breeding and not desexing their animals and the high animal euthanasia rates,’’ she said.“Go check out some of the local noticeboards around town – there’s a never-ending supply of dogs and cats for sale – or free to good home.“Too many cats and dogs are seen as disposable commodities that can be thrown away when the puppy or kitten phase is over, rather than a commitment for the life of the animal.”

The Dubbo City Council’s 2011 figures (January to December) reveal 225 cats and 41 dogs were killed at the Dubbo City Animal Shelter.

The combined NSW RSPCAs saw 13,031 cats and 8209 dogs killed. The rest of the euthanised animals came from other (council) pounds and shelters within the state.

She said people mistakenly believed that if animals end up at the pound the RSPCA will find them a good home, which was not always the case.

Ms Greenaway said the RSPCA pounds and shelters are burdened with an unnecessary excess with the shame laying squarely at the feet of irresponsible owners and unethical breeders.

The lawyer said she believed breeders who do not desex their animals fall into three categories- ethical purebred breeders who are selective about who they supply to, puppy farmers who do not care what happens to the animals after they have made a quick buck and those “who probably do care” but are not seeing the long-term effects of the breeding cycle they perpetuate.

Original here

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State debate proposed for RSPCA NSW on animal kill rates

Daily Liberal, October 2, 2012

LAWYER for Companion Animals Anne Greenaway has put forward a challenge to debate the NSW RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman on television about the statistics within the RSPCA report for 2011.

The lawyer wants to challenge the medical and behavioural reasons for the excessive animal killings occurring daily within the state.

Ms Greenaway is calling for the RSPCA to make the temperament test or behavioural assessment, available to the public.

“I fail to understand how open admission council pounds working with community rescue groups have kill rates under 20 per cent,” she said.

“Yet the RSPCA kill rate is over 50 per cent for cats and dogs combined.”

Please go to the original story to vote on Should the RSPCA answer allegations of engaging in ‘misleading and deceptive conduct’?


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