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Puppy farm cruelty outrage

The Mercury, CRAIG HOGGETT   |   January 11, 2012

HUNDREDS of dogs are being used as breeding machines in squalid conditions at puppy farms around Tasmania, it was claimed yesterday.

Brightside Sanctuary says it has taken possession of 120 former breeding dogs in the past year, including 55 seized from one intensive farming operation.

The revelation is the second in a week about widespread animal cruelty going unchecked across the state.

The Sunday Tasmanian this week revealed that dog fighting rings are under investigation by the RSPCA and police.

The issue has prompted governments in other states to tighten regulation of the breeding industry. MORE HERE


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Homeless dogs to home help

The Mercury, Tasmania, Sept 23, 2011; Charles Waterhouse

Sally Jokobovski shops at Eastlands with her hearing dog Rexie, one of only three trained hearing dogs in Tasmania. Picture: LEIGH WINBURN

THREE formerly homeless Tasmanian dogs have been chosen for training as hearing assistance dogs.

The Dogs’ Home of Tasmania charges are now in training at Lions Hearing Dogs Inc in the Adelaide Hills. READ MORE HERE

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Tasmanian call to stop puppy farms

The Mercury; Helen Kempton; Jan 4, 2011

ANIMAL welfare advocates want the State Government to regulate puppy farming and squeeze out unethical backyard dog breeders through new legislation.

Dogs’ Home of Tasmania president Geoff Clarke said a mandatory licensing system and a restriction on how many puppies could be bred per breeder would help address over-breeding and animal abandonment issues. READ MORE HERE


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