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Outraged at the record number of dogs being surrendered

Media release – Friends of the Pound Tweed –13th July, 2009

 Volunteers with local organisation Friends of the Pound Tweed Inc. are outraged at the record number of dogs being surrendered.

 Spokesperson Susie Hearder says: “Many of these are little designer dogs that have been sold from pet shops as cute little puppies less than a year ago. Most of these are in poor condition, and have been very badly bred with some needing expensive operations to fix their ailments just to enable them to lead a pain free life. In the past week alone we have seen 6 of these little dogs surrendered, 5 having been sold from a local pet franchise store and now being discarded only months later. ‘Patches’ a Maltese x needs an operation on his hip to enable him to live a life free of pain and he hasn’t even celebrated his first birthday yet! Another needed an operation on both her knees and she has just turned 1”.

 The Pet shops sell these puppies for a huge sum of money and then it is left up to our small organisation to pay the numerous vet bills, on top of the desexing. “We are even receiving whole families of pets, sadly they are being treated like disposable items, instead of family members.” says Susie Hearder.

 Amongst the 24 dogs currently in foster care, there are 4 pairs of little dogs needing to be re-homed together. “Their little mates are the only familiar thing left from their previous life, so we would like to keep them together if at all possible.” Susie Hearder says.

 Many of these little designer dogs have been poorly bred and we are seeing lots of genetic health problems. In recent months we have had 3 dogs which have been born deaf, others have gone blind at a young age and many have needed dental work such as having whole extra rows of teeth having to be removed. It is getting quite common to see larger breeds such as Rottweillers having bad hips at a very young age. Some of these dogs sadly have to be euthanased. All these health problems are due to poor breeding and the high numbers of back yard breeders and also puppy mills where animals are kept in appalling conditions. “We urge the public to not support this horrific practise and not to buy that puppy in the window. Puppies and kittens are being sold or given away with no consideration for their life long needs.” Ms. Hearder says. “A pet dog or cat should be taken on for the rest of their life and is at least a 10 – 15 year commitment”.

The group, which is run entirely by volunteers, currently have 24 dogs and 21 cats in foster care. Friends of the Pound have no shelter of their own so are dependant on volunteers to look after pets in their own home until a suitable permanent home can be found.

 For more information about this release, contact: Susie Hearder Ph: 02 6679 3190


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