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The proper value of a pet’s life

Rita Panahi ; Sunday Herald Sun; Dec 30 2012

Geelong Animal Welfare Society


MAHATMA Gandhi said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Leaving aside the more complex issue of how we treat our livestock, it’s still difficult to determine if Australia is a progressive, humane society or one with a moral compass in urgent need of repair.

We have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and spend billions caring for our furry friends – but we also put down thousands of healthy cats and dogs every week.

This disturbing paradox is particularly conspicuous this time of year, when animal lovers happily pay more than $1000 for a designer puppy while unwanted cats and dogs sit on death row in shelters awaiting their cruel fate. READ MORE HERE


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Shelter deaths slashed

Geelong Advertiser, Shane Fowles | February 6th, 2012

GEELONG’S animal shelter has recorded new lows of dog kill rates as it moves on from a controversial era.
The Geelong Animal Welfare Society’s latest figures show that just 2 per cent of the 325 dogs admitted to the shelter in December 2011 were euthanased, with 148 finding new homes.
The previous year saw 26 per cent of dogs killed, board president Mike Bailey revealed yesterday.
“It just shows, that when we look at all the different things we’ve put in place (in the past few months), that they are working,” Mr Bailey said. READ MORE


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Shelter to cut animal killing

Geelong Independent: Erin Pearson, Oct 21 2011

GEELONG Animal Welfare Society will stop killing animals unnecessarily after a public outcry, according to a board member.

The pledge followed a series of resignations at the shelter, with vice-presidents David Cecil and Mark Osborne following president Ian Walter out the door this week.

Spokesman Mike Bailey said the shelter would now enter a “transitional period” in which it would stop killing animals to “make space”. READ MORE HERE


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Geelong Animal Welfare Society begins overhaul

Geelong Advertiser; Anthea Cannon   |  October 18th, 2011

GEELONG Animal Welfare Society will be overhauled with the aim to save more than 90 per cent of animals.

GAWS vice president David Cecil yesterday confirmed a new framework for the centre, following the US

“No Kill Equation” policy, would be presented at next week’s board meeting.

But he denied it was the result of the past week of campaigning and public outcry after the release of hidden camera footage from the pound. READ MORE HERE


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Geelong pound workers ‘harassed’

The Age, Mark Russell; October 16, 2011

ANIMAL welfare groups using a Facebook campaign to condemn Geelong’s privately run pound as one of the worst in Australia are facing legal action over their ”harassment” of the pound’s employees.
Former Geelong Animal Welfare Society president Ian Walter said the pound had been subjected to bullying behaviour on social networking pages, including calls for the manager, Robyn Stewart, to be removed.
After some staff became distressed by the campaign, the society sought legal advice that confirmed it was being vilified and was entitled to take legal action to stop it, he said.

The Facebook page, GAWS Exposed – Time for Change is NOW, has more than 2500 supporters after being set up by animal welfare campaigners to pressure the City of Greater Geelong to take over the pound. READ MORE HERE


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Cruelty claims ( Geelong Animal Welfare Society)

Melbourne Ten News  13 October 2011


Search for……… Cruelty Claims 13/10/11

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Cruelty claims rock animal welfare centre

Geelong Independent; Erin Pearson; October 13 2011

GEELONG Animal Welfare Society is under investigation for cruelty after staff leaked a video allegedly depicting mistreatment.

The video posted to the internet on Tuesday showed apparently drugged animals unable to sit or walk.

Staff appear to joke about suggestions of inhumane treatment at the shelter.

Former employee Susan Irwin said some staff were aware of the treatment for years but unable to stop the cruelty.

Ms Irwin said other staff had bullied her at the shelter after she raised the mistreatment with management.  READ MORE HERE

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