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Cats ‘weren’t feral’

Sunraysia Daily, Liz O’brien, 19 Dec 2009

A MILDURA Animal Shelter worker, who last month blew the whistle on cat shootings at the pound, yesterday claimed more than six animals had been shot.

The man, who was working at the shelter under Centrelink’s Work for the Dole scheme and witnessed the shootings, contacted Sunraysia Daily yesterday after council refused to respond to his allegations.

Animal lovers across the nation and abroad were appalled to hear accounts of cats being shot last month.

It prompted calls for Mayor Glenn Milne to step down and for the council worker who shot the animals to be fired.

Council later admitted to shooting six “feral” cats, despite having a contract with a Mildura veterinarian to euthanise animals.

At that time, the shooting was dubbed cruel and unnecessary by RSPCA president Dr Hugh Wirth who said a formal investigation would be launched.

The witness said he was keen to set the record straight on the shootings, including “false” claims that the impounded cats were unmanagaeable and wild.

“I just really wanted people to know they weren’t feral and that there wasn’t only six of them,” he said.

“I am the one who put them in the cages.”

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Explosion in number of kittens abandoned

Sunraysia Daily; Jono Pech; 19 December 2009

DOZENS of kittens saved from Mildura animal shelter are in need of foster homes.

The number of cats delivered to the animal shelter in November this year was 91, which is 49 more than for November last year.

Elizabeth Linklater from Gol Gol is working with Sunraysia Animal Rehousing Group (SARG) to find foster homes for dozens of kittens saved from the pound.

She said Mildura pound was becoming overrun with kittens and she was looking to house them after having their vet work done through the Victorian Dog Rescue organisation.

“Some people have sponsored them so they can be re-homed with a pensioner who can’t afford the vet fee,” she said.

“Two litters went on Saturday to Melbourne to Victorian Dog Rescue, but I’m trying to start off re-homing them locally in Mildura.

“I’ve got two litters of kittens now that are absolutely adorable, and a few adult cats too.

“They’re the sort of ones we’re looking at re-homing with all their vet work up to date.

“For a male kitten it’s about $150 and female about $180, which is just covering the vet fees.

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Cat Anger (Cats shot in Council Pound)

Sunraysia Daily; LIZ O’ BRIEN 24 Nov, 2009
VICTORIAN RSPCA president Hugh Wirth has slammed Mildura Rural City Council for its inhumane treatment of animals.Dr Wirth said the RSPCA would formally investigate last week’s shooting of six cats at Mildura Rural City Council’s Belar Avenue animal shelter.

Mildura has become international news after a shelter worker who witnessed the shooting told popular website “Dogzonline” that the cats did not die quickly and “there was blood every where” after a council by-laws officer used a firearm to euthanaise the animals.

The report has caused uproar – both Sunraysia Daily and the dog website have been inundated with emails from people – within and outside of Australia – furious about the incident.

After council officers had denied the incident took place, Mayor Glenn Milne confirmed it had.

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Cat uproar ( Animals shot by council staff at Mildura Pound)

Sunraysia Daily; BY CHRIS MCLENNAN, 23 Nov, 2009

A ROW has erupted over the shooting of abandoned cats at Mildura Rural City Council’s animal shelter at Belar Avenue last week.Six cats were shot in a pen by a council by-laws officer to the outrage of the animal welfare community.

The incident, witnessed and made public by a shelter worker, led to a flood of angry emails to Sunraysia Daily on the weekend demanding the practice be stopped and the council officer be sacked.

An angry internet exchange about the “inhuman treatment of animals at Mildura” on the popular dogs website “Dogzonline” also saw the email addresses of individual councillors made public and subject to vitriolic responses from animal lovers.

Mildura Mayor Glenn Milne on the weekend confirmed the shooting had taken place after apparent initial denials from council officers.

Cr Milne said he was confident local laws officers had not contravened any regulations.

“We regret that this has caused concern among the animal welfare community, however this is an accepted method that council can use. There were no malicious intentions by any member of staff.”

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