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Darebin’s big plans for death-row strays

The Age,  Aisha Dow, July 13 2013

Darebin council will use Facebook to warn residents when impounded dogs and cats are in their “11th hour” and facing death via lethal injection.

The new strategy to save hundreds of stray and lost animals is part of a long-term push to make Darebin a “no-kill” municipality. READ MORE HERE


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The No Kill Equation

Nathan Winograd describes the programs and services animal shelters need to implement in order to end the killing of healthy or treatable animals. Collectively, these programs are known as the No Kill Equation

Click here to watch this short film…..

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Doggedly sticking to dogma

The Punch, Miles Heffernan, 25th Sept 2012

The euthanasia of pets is a hot topic. Many healthy animals are put down every year for a complex range of reasons. And a fight between people who should be allies – the animal shelters and the animal rescuers who want a ‘no kill’ rule – is making things even more difficult, Miles Heffernan explains.

All ma dogs. Pic: News.com.auAll ma dogs. Pic: News.com.au

Australia is a world leader in killing cats and dogs. Investigating this production line of death opens the door to an insidious world of pet welfare, commercial greed, and pious ideology.

For a short time I worked for a large animal shelter. From that part-time job, I have a beautiful pooch called Thaddeus. One of my mates rudely refers to him as my life partner, given his regular attendance at BBQs and birthdays. READ MORE HERE

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Calls for ‘no kill’ policy to save thousands of RSPCA animals

Herald Sun, Tory Shepherd, 25 Sept 2012

A HIGH “kill rate” in animal shelters that sees tens of thousands of dogs and cats euthanased every year has sparked fresh calls for a “no kill” policy.

Of the 67,573 dogs that ended up at the RSPCA in 2010-11, 19,583 (about one in three) were put down. Most cats that end up at the RSPCA are killed – 37,177 out of 64,617. Many of these animals are healthy and the figures do not include euthanasia at vets or other shelters.

The RSPCA says it is a “highly complex” problem, with responsible ownership an important part of the solution. Animal welfare advocates and others blame puppy farms for the oversupply of animals, stretched resources in shelters, the out-of-control feral cat problem and negligent owners. Some of them will appear on SBS’s Insight tonight to discuss the problem.  READ MORE HERE


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Too many companion animals are put to sleep each year by overstretched rescue groups

Adelaide Now,Tory Shepherd; September 24 2012

English bulldog

It is not as easy as you’d think to work out why the RSPCA’s ‘kill rate’ for companion animals is so high with oversupply, negligent owners, mistakes, feral animals and stretched resources all being part of the equation. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

MY childhood dog, Neddy, had manky bald bits and he’d scoot across the lawn on his bum whenever we had company.

He was partial to trying to have sex with inappropriate things. But we could dress him up and he’d sigh with martyred forbearance and let us photograph him.

Our cats were called Soft and Stupid, and Hard and Hairy.

Now we have Sangio, and even thinking of him dying makes me ache (though after last week I hesitate to use the words “dog” and “love” in the same sentence).

He’s a little crazy, a little too clever. When I write at home he lies across my feet and when we go away without him he takes days to forgive us.

When he was younger he’d get so excited to see us, or visitors, that he’d lose control of his bladder.

 This unfortunately generally coincided with the moment at which he was jumping up on them, so several people have been victims of this firehose-like spraying. It’s a sign of affection, of course.

Most of us love our pets and treat them like part of the family. But animals are an industry, so selfishness and profit creep in. READ MORE HERE


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SBS INSIGHT program, Tuesday 25th September 8.30 am

Australians love pet dogs and cats. But each year tens of thousands of them are killed. Often, they’re perfectly healthy.

The RSPCA alone enthanased more than 56,000 cats and dogs last financial year. And that figure doesn’t include all the animals put down at council pounds around Australia every day.

(One advocacy group, Deathrowpets.net, estimates that a quarter of a million unwanted cats and dogs are killed in Australian pounds every year).

In this episode, pet owners, breeders, pet shop owners, animal shelter workers and pets themselves join Jenny Brockie to look at why Australia is euthanasing so many dogs and cats.

Insight will also ask whether pet owners are at fault for treating animals as a commodity, or whether there are just too many animals being bred in the first place.

Producer: Fanou Filali
Associate Producer: Mawunyo Gbogbo and Sarah Allely

Website: click here…

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“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.”

“I hate to think what will befall this Society when I am gone.” 

-Henry Bergh

The No Kill Advocacy Center, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions are proud to announce the upcoming release of a feature-length documentary on the No Kill revolution in America.

When the early founders of the animal protection movement died and their organizations took over the job of killing those they had been formed to protect, a fiery zeal was replaced with a smoldering ember that gave little light or warmth and the humane movement went to sleep. After over 100 years of this antiquated and deadly paradigm, the grassroots of the animal protection movement is finally waking up.

Starting with the founding of the first SPCA in North America by Henry Bergh and continuing to this very day, the documentary will tell the story of heroes and villains, betrayal and redemption. But most of all, it is the story of a social movement that is as noble and just as those which have come before.

Written by Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center and produced in partnership with Debi & Lincoln Day, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions, watch the trailer by clicking here.

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