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Poll: law changes will not stop puppy farms: Breeders

Maitland Mercury  EMMA SWAIN; May 23, 2013

Changes to animal welfare laws across NSW may sound the death knell for registered dog breeders across the Hunter Valley and do little to stop the practice of puppy farms, breeders have warned.

Brandy Hill dog breeder Debbie O’Donnell has joined a groundswell of Dogs NSW members calling for the NSW government to reconsider its newly released Companion Animal Taskforce and to exempt purebred breeders from the recommendations.
The breeders believe the recommendations – which include the separation of male and female dogs – will eventually force dog breeders out of existence. READ MORE HERE

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Don Page MP                                  Katrina Hodgkinson MP Minister for Local Government                                                Minister for Primary Industries Minister for North Coast                                                            Minister for Small Business


Monday, 25 March 2013


 Minister for Local Government Don Page and Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson  are  today  encouraging  the  NSW  community  to  have  a  say  on  the proposals made by the State’s first pet taskforce.

“Two reports from the Companion Animals Taskforce, which have been released today, make recommendations to improve animal welfare and the management of domestic cats and dogs in NSW,” Mr Page said.

Each year over 30,000 dogs and cats are euthanased in NSW.

“The key objectives of the Taskforce were to reduce this tragic toll, while safeguarding the  community  from  dangerous  dogs  and  boosting  registration  and  microchipping rates,’’ Mr Page said.

Some of the key recommendations include:

  • Options to introduce annual registration and fees for all cats and dogs;
  • Registration discounts for buying an animal from a pound or shelter;
    • Proposals to establish a breeder licensing system to encourage responsible breeding;
  • Stronger powers to manage and restrict dangerous dogs; and
  • Statewide education programs concerning animal welfare.

“The NSW Government has established a six-week consultation period, starting this Wednesday, to gather the views of all interested groups and individuals prior to formulating its response to the reports,” Mr Page said.

“We  are  particularly  interested  in  responses  to  issues  not  included  in  the  2012 Taskforce discussion paper, such as the dangerous dog recommendations.”

“This is a unique opportunity to better protect the welfare of cats and dogs while enhancing community safety and making it easier for people to care for companion animals,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

“I encourage anyone with an interest in these issues to lodge a submission.

“I would like to thank veterinarian and Member for Charlestown Dr Andrew Cornwell MP for chairing the Taskforce, as well as the Taskforce members for their commitment and diligent work,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

All submissions will be published on the Division of Local Government’s website.

The two taskforce reports and feedback forms are available at  www.dlg.nsw.gov.au

Submissions close on Friday, 10 May 2013.

 Media: Jonathan Porter 0418 945538 (Don Page) Kerri Griffiths 0417 905 119 (Katrina Hodgkinson)


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The five factors in dog attacks

1233 ABC Newcastle By Jeannette McMahon

Charlestown MP and practising vet, Andrew Cornwell, says there are five factors behind dog attacks.

He’s chair of a government taskforce on companion animals which is looking at what changes might be needed to dangerous dog laws in NSW. READ MORE HERE


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Media release from Doggie Rescue, Sydney, Wednesday 27th June 2012

Sunday 1st July marks the end date for submissions in response to the release of the Companion Animals Taskforce Discussion Paper (CATDP).

The Taskforce was established by the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Don Page MP, and the Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP, to provide advice on key companion animal issues and reduce the rates of euthanasia- currently 50,000 per year in NSW.

This taskforce included groups such as the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and Pet Industry Association Australia, but would not accept No Kill rescue organisations. The CATDP as it stands, will NOT effectively reduce euthanasia rates in NSW and will affect many responsible pet owners negatively.

Monika’s Doggie Rescue is one of the NSW No Kill shelters who have prepared a submission which will be presented this week. Concerns revolve around:

  • The CATDP’s FIRST aim is to reduce the shocking kill rate of cats and dogs in NSW pounds, yet gives no practical demonstration of how this can be achieved- a devastating result given the many hours of time and effort. Instead it looks at cost and revenue raising options.
  • It features a multiple choice questionnaire which has clearly been designed to tailor outcomes rather than encourage viewpoints and discussion.
  • It does not reference any of the literature or research on effective methods that are being undertaken overseas and interstate, which have been proven to reduce the kill rate in pounds. This causes us to question the agenda behind the Task Force and their lack of consideration of positive changes.
  • Many questions are geared to justifying revenue raising – hitting hard the responsible cat and dog owner paying more registration fees, as well as indexing to inflation, fees for registration agents, bringing forward the age of the pet for life rego and so on. Therefore, penalising responsible pet owners.
  • There is an emphasis on collecting funds for research on cats and dogs – why allocate desperately needed funds for research when so many practical, effective methodologies are readily available from experience elsewhere?

Indeed, by the time this report & submissions are finalised, 12 months have passed and another 50,000 animals have died.

Our aim is to make pounds and shelters the FIRST place to look for a new family pet, help members of the community keep their existing animals and return animals to their owners. Our submission details how this can happen.


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Putting a leash on bad dog owners

Central Western Daily; BY LUKE SCHUYLER; 16 Jun, 2012

STRICTER dog laws will come into force in NSW later this year, according to Companion Animals Taskforce chair Andrew Cornwell.He said 20 dog attacks in Orange last year was far too high and the taskforce would look at options to reduce the number.

“Any dog attack is one dog attack too many,” he said.

“We’re working on dangerous dog laws over the next few months. READ MORE HERE

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Tighten bad dog law: MP

Newcastle Herald;  BY DAMON CRONSHAW; 06 Jun, 2012

CHECK LEAD: Vicious dogs.

DANGEROUS dog laws should be toughened so councils have more power to protect the public, Charlestown MP Andrew Cornwell says.

Mr Cornwell, a veterinarian, chairs the state government’s Companion Animals Taskforce, which will begin considering dangerous dog laws in about six weeks. READ MORE HERE

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