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Vic protesters cry foul on puppy farms

Herald Sun,AAP, 16 Sept 2012

About 350 protesters with their pooches, ranging from great danes to poodles, met on the steps of parliament in Melbourne on Sunday to condemn the factory farming practice which they say forces dogs into a constant cycle of breeding form birth to death.

Rally organiser Debra Tranter said the dogs were typically restricted to filthy cages where they were treated as breeding machines to supply the pet shop industry.

Ms Tranter said the government must clamp down on more than 100 illegal factories, but also close the 70 legal farms which operate under what she described as a weak code of practice. READ MORE HERE


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Nasty illness striking down pet shop puppies

The Age, July 17th, Marika Dobbin

A PUPPY virus outbreak  has claimed the lives of at least four pups at Melbourne pet stores.

At least one pup has been confirmed dead at pet shop franchisor Pets Paradise while another three puppies from pet chain Passion For Pets are dead from the highly contagious canine parvovirus that causes bloody dysentery.

Panic about the virus that attacks the intestinal lining, causing ulcers in puppies has spread over Facebook and animal-lover internet sites.

Maroondah City Council confirmed it had put a three-week ban on Pets Paradise in Eastland shopping centre in Ringwood selling puppies and put sick animals in quarantine. READ MORE HERE


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Oscar’s Law update

Perth Now,  Katherine Chatfield; National Features; October 24, 2011

AS the push to abolish puppy factories gains momentum, find out who’s taking the fight to the top.

Protesters and their pooches were out in force at a recent Sydney rally to support a ban on puppy factories and the introduction of better licensing laws for breeders. Barks rang out in approval of the speakers as they made their plea to the government.

Oscar’s Law aims to abolish puppy factory-farming and the selling of dogs in pet shops. At the very least, organisers believe success will come from enabling consumers to make informed choices. READ MORE HERE

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Oscar’s law: regulating pet breeding and sales

ABC Life Matters; 7 October 2010

This unregulated industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling pups to pet shops and online.

According to animal welfare groups, conditions in some of these farms or factories are often poor, even cruel. More here….

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Melbourne Protest against Puppy Factories

Ten News 19 September 2010

Click on this link to access story…..

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