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Pups will live to bark another day under new pets policy

Courier Mail ; ROBYN IRONSIDE; April 17, 2013

NO PUPPY put up for sale in pet shops will be put down in Queensland under a new policy announced at State Parliament yesterday.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh joined eight-week-old pups Bobby and Phil for the announcement of an agreement between the Pet Industry Association of Australia and the RSPCA.

Under the deal, micro-chipped “ethically sourced” puppies sold through Queensland’s 140 or so PIAA member pet stores will be re-homed if abandoned or returned.

It is not known how many pups are destroyed if they are unwanted after being bought from pet shops but RSPCA CEO Mark Townend said the figure could be considerable.

About 40,000 dogs a year are put down in Queensland but that includes those euthanased for medical reasons.

PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said the new policy was about guaranteeing “happy pets for life”.

“What this policy will do will be to substantially reduce the euthanasia rate,” he said.

“Previously that dog may’ve been euthanased for no decent reason because it was unable to be rehomed. Now we’ve struck this deal with the RSPCA, they will take that dog into their care and rehome it.”

Mr Townend said contrary to common belief, the RSPCA did not put down dogs after a certain period unless there was a behavioural or medical reason to do so.

All pups sold in PIAA member stores would also be guaranteed not to come from “puppy farms”, Mr Perkins said.

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The proper value of a pet’s life

Rita Panahi ; Sunday Herald Sun; Dec 30 2012

Geelong Animal Welfare Society


MAHATMA Gandhi said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Leaving aside the more complex issue of how we treat our livestock, it’s still difficult to determine if Australia is a progressive, humane society or one with a moral compass in urgent need of repair.

We have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and spend billions caring for our furry friends – but we also put down thousands of healthy cats and dogs every week.

This disturbing paradox is particularly conspicuous this time of year, when animal lovers happily pay more than $1000 for a designer puppy while unwanted cats and dogs sit on death row in shelters awaiting their cruel fate. READ MORE HERE

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NSW Government must aim for zero euthenasia of healthy pets – Greens NSW

Media Release – Cate Faehrmann, October 9, 2012

Responding to reports of high euthanasia rates at RSPCA animal rescue facilities, Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Cate Faehrmann says that ultimate responsibility for high euthanasia rates of companion animals rests with the NSW Government because of inadequate regulation of the pet industry and the resulting over supply of domestic cats and dogs.

“It is heartbreaking to know that so many cats and dogs are being euthanised for no good reason. The government needs to urgently address the source of the problem: over supply from greedy puppy farms that aren’t regulated effectively,” said Ms Faehrmann. READ MORE HERE

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Things are grim on pets’ death row

Adam Hegarty; From:The Advertiser; November 25, 2011

MORE than 13,000 dogs and cats were destroyed in South Australian shelters last year, as their owners abandoned, neglected or failed to microchip their pets.

Dog and Cat Management Board euthanasia figures, released for the first time to The Advertiser, show about 3800 dogs of the 10,315 admitted to RSPCA and Animal Welfare League shelters were destroyed in 2009-10.

Of the 13,300 cats admitted to shelters, 9310 were destroyed, mainly as a result of many more feral cats being caught. The figures equate to an average of 10 dogs and 25 cats being destroyed each day.

Cats and dogs are primarily destroyed when they are considered “unsuitable” to re-home because of behavioural or health problems.

RSPCA SA chief executive Neale Sutton said every animal admitted to shelters underwent testing before its future was decided, in a concerted effort to prevent healthy animals without major behavioural issues being killed.

 “The hardest part of our work is having to euthanase animals. It is absolutely heartbreaking for our staff and is never a decision that is taken lightly,” he said. READ MORE HERE

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Pet Industry Association responds to pet “kill rates” debate

PIAA Pet Industry News, October 12

Petstores will help to reduce the number of abandoned dogs euthanised each year with a major  industry policy being rolled out across the country.

With reference to tonight’s SBS Insight program on pet kill rates, the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) says the pet industry is working hard with bodies like the RSPCA to reduce the number of dogs euthanized.

The PIAA’s Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Traceability and Re‐homing has just taken effect in NSW, in partnership with the RSPCANSW, with launches in other states soon to follow.  This policy guarantees any dog  purchased from a PIAA
member that is subsequently abandoned by its owner will be re‐homed and saved from euthanasia. READ MORE HERE


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Too many companion animals are put to sleep each year by overstretched rescue groups

Adelaide Now,Tory Shepherd; September 24 2012

English bulldog

It is not as easy as you’d think to work out why the RSPCA’s ‘kill rate’ for companion animals is so high with oversupply, negligent owners, mistakes, feral animals and stretched resources all being part of the equation. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

MY childhood dog, Neddy, had manky bald bits and he’d scoot across the lawn on his bum whenever we had company.

He was partial to trying to have sex with inappropriate things. But we could dress him up and he’d sigh with martyred forbearance and let us photograph him.

Our cats were called Soft and Stupid, and Hard and Hairy.

Now we have Sangio, and even thinking of him dying makes me ache (though after last week I hesitate to use the words “dog” and “love” in the same sentence).

He’s a little crazy, a little too clever. When I write at home he lies across my feet and when we go away without him he takes days to forgive us.

When he was younger he’d get so excited to see us, or visitors, that he’d lose control of his bladder.

 This unfortunately generally coincided with the moment at which he was jumping up on them, so several people have been victims of this firehose-like spraying. It’s a sign of affection, of course.

Most of us love our pets and treat them like part of the family. But animals are an industry, so selfishness and profit creep in. READ MORE HERE


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How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

Courtesy of The Sunday Tasmanian and Anne Boxall; 26 August 2012

Who, as a youngster, sang along to Patti Page’s 1950s hit How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

This cutesy tune from way back was a staple of childhood for many and some young kids today still sing it with gusto. Back in the 50’s, the song was a sweet, harmless ditty about the irresistible appeal of puppies. Puppies are still appealing but a lot has happened in the world of puppy breeding since the 1950s, so much so that Patti Page has changed her tune. READ MORE HERE

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