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Here’s looking at you, babe

The Mercury; CHARLES WATERHOUSE   |   April 17, 2012

PIGGING OUT: Bec Miller from the RSPCA yesterday with Jesse, a four-year-old pig given up by a family after being hand-raised from 12 weeks of age. Picture: KIM EISZELE

LOOKING for a pet? How about one that has a good nature and enjoys the company of people.

The catch is she likes to eat – a lot.

If that’s no problem, then Jesse the pig could be perfect.

For obvious reasons, Jesse is less suited to a normal home than many animals adopted from the RSPCA’s Mornington Animal Centre but she would be well suited to a farm. Continue reading



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This little piggy wants to stay home

Slimco.com:; John Edwards, Staff; Apr 04, 2012

This little piggy wants to stay home. Warren Pascoe holds Wilber, his pet pot-bellied pig.

COLLINGWOOD – A Collingwood couple is hoping council will allow them to keep their pet pot-bellied at their home.

Warren Pascoe and Elsie Campbell are the owners of Wilber – an eight-month old pot bellied pig.

Pascoe said he and Campbell took the pig in from friends and attempted to find him a home, however, they quickly became attached to their pet porker.

“He’s quite cute,” he said. “We’re his third home in seven months. It’s getting harder and harder to let him go.” READ MORE HERE

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