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State debate proposed for RSPCA NSW on animal kill rates

Daily Liberal, October 2, 2012

LAWYER for Companion Animals Anne Greenaway has put forward a challenge to debate the NSW RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman on television about the statistics within the RSPCA report for 2011.

The lawyer wants to challenge the medical and behavioural reasons for the excessive animal killings occurring daily within the state.

Ms Greenaway is calling for the RSPCA to make the temperament test or behavioural assessment, available to the public.

“I fail to understand how open admission council pounds working with community rescue groups have kill rates under 20 per cent,” she said.

“Yet the RSPCA kill rate is over 50 per cent for cats and dogs combined.”

Please go to the original story to vote on Should the RSPCA answer allegations of engaging in ‘misleading and deceptive conduct’?



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Birthday bash for pet store

Noosa Journal, October

Angie is part of a new generation of ethical pet store owners, who refuse to stock pets, preferring instead to rehome rescue animals…..”

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RSPCA ACT – “our job is to save lives”

Its essential to understand that the RSPCA is a seperate and different organisation in each State, despite their efforts to paint a “common front” across the country.

Some of the RSPCA’s do a terrific job, others are less than average, or very weak, despite their accomplished fund-raising skills.

Having said that, the RSPCA in ACT, led by CEO Michael Linke is “leader of the pack” amongst the RSPCA’s in our books – in the area of animal rehoming practices.

Watch this youtube film of a recent article on Stateline: Click here..

It shows what can be done with the right attitude and leadership from the top.

RSPCA heads in other States, listen up!

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