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Rutherford RSPCA kills family’s dogs

Newcastle Herald ,  By JANEK SPEIGHT Sept. 18, 2013

NSW RSPCA is at the centre of another storm regarding its Rutherford shelter’s kill policy after two healthy dogs were put down this week.

Two Jack Russell terriers, Nikki, 1, and Rocket, 2, were euthanised despite owner Kylie McCrea negotiating to get them home.

A fee of almost $1000 was blocking the dogs’ release. Despite not failing any health or temperament tests, a supervisor deemed the dogs a ‘‘nuisance’’ and ordered them destroyed.

It follows a similar incident last year when Max the pointer was put down at Rutherford after failing a controversial temperament test. READ MORE HERE



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Pound kill rate angers animal advocate

The Advertiser, July 3, 2013

Almost half the dogs and cats from the Cessnock local government area impounded at the RSPCA’s Rutherford facility in the past 12 months were euthanised.

A report to Cessnock City Council’s June 19 meeting said 152 of 490 dogs and 239 of 311 cats from its area were euthanised at the Rutherford pound in the 2012-13 financial year to date – an overall kill rate of 49 per cent.

Society of Companion Animal Rescuers (SoCares) vice-president and Greens candidate for Hunter, David Atwell labelled the RSPCA’s performance “extremely poor” and said council’s kill rate had been better at the old Kurri animal shelter.

Cessnock City Council closed the Kurri pound in August 2011 when it entered into an agreement with the RSPCA to provide pound facilities for the Cessnock local government area.

Under the Companion Animals Act, all council impounding authorities are required to seek alternative placement for companion animals before they are killed. READ MORE HERE

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RSPCA woes revealed (Tasmania)

The Mercury;  ZARA DAWTREY   |   June 15, 2013

RSPCA Tasmania requires “change at the top” if it is to overcome long-standing financial and managerial problems, the charity’s auditor has told a parliamentary inquiry.

The trouble-plagued animal welfare organisation sacked a second chief executive amid a flurry of unflattering publicity last year and was only saved from insolvency by an emergency $400,000 Government grant.

The public accounts committee inquiry into the organisation’s problems yesterday heard from auditor Bob Ruddick who said the current board and management did not “have the depth of experience” to effectively manage the charity.

After dwindling to just three members last year before chief executive Ben Sturges — the son of Labor MP Graeme Sturges — was sacked, the board has since grown to six member-elected representatives including acting president Paul Swiatkowski.

Committee member Liberal MP Peter Gutwein asked Mr Ruddick what had to happen “to fix” the situation.

Mr Ruddick said the State Government should recruit a “strong president”, indemnify that president, then allow that person to put forward a strong three-year program. READ MORE HERE


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RSPCA vigil will mark pet deaths

HERALD readers may be familiar with the story of Max the Pointer, killed at RSPCA Rutherford last year despite his owner being given more time to pay the impound fee, and him wearing a rescue group tag with phone number.

What is less well-known is that the RSPCA killed Max just after their 2012 Million Paws Walk fund-raiser, the start of another yearly cycle in which 50 per cent of RSPCA NSW’s combined intake of cats and dogs do not make it out of their facilities alive. 

According to RSPCA NSW’s  2012 figures, they euthanised over 14,000 cats and dogs out of an intake of 28,000.

For the RSPCA, the Million Paws Walk at Morpeth Common on May 19 is, I believe, a public relations opportunity.

It is also a chance to add to its $10 million annual profits and huge share portfolio.

For others, like myself, it is day of sorrow, a sad reminder that RSPCA’s cycle is about to start again.

That is why I am attending the Justice4Max Vigil to be held outside the Million Paws Walk on May 19.

We will mourn the death of Max and thousands of other innocents, and  encourage the RSPCA to see that it must change its ways.

Geoff Davidson,


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Pups will live to bark another day under new pets policy

Courier Mail ; ROBYN IRONSIDE; April 17, 2013

NO PUPPY put up for sale in pet shops will be put down in Queensland under a new policy announced at State Parliament yesterday.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh joined eight-week-old pups Bobby and Phil for the announcement of an agreement between the Pet Industry Association of Australia and the RSPCA.

Under the deal, micro-chipped “ethically sourced” puppies sold through Queensland’s 140 or so PIAA member pet stores will be re-homed if abandoned or returned.

It is not known how many pups are destroyed if they are unwanted after being bought from pet shops but RSPCA CEO Mark Townend said the figure could be considerable.

About 40,000 dogs a year are put down in Queensland but that includes those euthanased for medical reasons.

PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said the new policy was about guaranteeing “happy pets for life”.

“What this policy will do will be to substantially reduce the euthanasia rate,” he said.

“Previously that dog may’ve been euthanased for no decent reason because it was unable to be rehomed. Now we’ve struck this deal with the RSPCA, they will take that dog into their care and rehome it.”

Mr Townend said contrary to common belief, the RSPCA did not put down dogs after a certain period unless there was a behavioural or medical reason to do so.

All pups sold in PIAA member stores would also be guaranteed not to come from “puppy farms”, Mr Perkins said.

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Hunter RSPCA Kill Rates too high

Newcastle Herald; DAMON CRONSHAW; March 25, 2013,

ANIMAL welfare groups say RSPCA kill rates in the Lower Hunter are too high, with about 1200 dogs estimated to be put down a year.

The RSPCA has been accused of refusing to work with rescue groups to help rehome more animals.

While some dogs are euthanased because they are dangerous and/or have medical problems, rescue groups fear many are killed unnecessarily.

NSW Lost Pet Register administration co-ordinator Amanda Young said several animal rescue groups had tried to get dogs from the RSPCA to find new owners.

‘‘They refuse to release them,’’ Ms Young, 25, said. READ MORE HERE


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The Canberra Times; Jan 2 2013

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke.

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke

Canberrans adopted more than 2000 companion animals – including 73 rodents, six ferrets, 18 lizards, 11 fish and a goat – from the RSPCA last year.

Cats (436) and kittens (789) accounted for more than half of the 2073 of the adoptees, statistics for the local branch of the animal welfare body released this week show.

Adoptions for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies all increased, while the popularity of rabbits declined. READ MORE HERE

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