Saving more lives – RSPCA ACT

Stateline, 5 March 2010; RSPCA ACT “Saving More Lives”. 

A feature report looking into the work of RSPCA ACT and our achievements since 2005.  

Click here to access report….


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One response to “Saving more lives – RSPCA ACT

  1. companionanimalnews

    This is an excellent film. People are justifiably sceptical about the RSPCA in many States, but Michael Linke, CEO of the RSPCA in the ACT is a shining light for his work in rehoming and applying “No Kill” principals in the ACT. If only the other RSPCA’s will follow his lead. We know that RSPCA Tasmania have a new board and are working closely with the AWL Queensland in applying the same principals.

    Most people do not understand that each STATE RSPCA is a totally seperate organisation, loosely affiliated under a national banner.

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